Sunday, January 04, 2009

I am a coffee snob

I admit it. I love really good, dark, rich coffee. A little (OK...a lot) on the strong side and very dark. There's a difference between strong and dark. I've not met anyone around here, yet, who knows what I mean. In some of these smaller communities, I think what happens is, people do a lot of visiting with each other and when they do they drink coffee. When you're making and drinking it all day long it becomes mundane. My dear old friend, Jack, would call it "piss-willy". And that flavoured stuff. Well ... let's not go there. Just the thought gives me acid-stomach.

Some would say Starbucks is great coffee. I don't entirely agree. They HAVE great coffee ... they don't MAKE great coffee. What I mean is, a cup of French Roast they brew in their store tastes way way different than a cup I brew at home. Same beans. I buy them from them. Different taste. I prefer mine.

This is the latest addition to our kitchen.It grinds the beans immediately before brewing them into a heavenly pot of coffee. Sara and Kevin gave it to us for Christmas (thanks you guys .... we LOVE it). I've got a spot all picked out for it on the island in our kitchen. My electrician (wink, wink) is going to wire in an outlet for it there.

Oh ya .... the blizzard .... it is upon us. The temperature rose from minus 25 to minus 8, the wind is screaming in from the east (always a bad sign) and the snow is horizontal. I think that qualifies as a blizzard. Good call on the grocery shopping before it hit. How is youz guysez in Vancouver and on the island doin'?


Denise E said...

The weather is mild here on the Island. We still have snow but the rain has moved in now. Had a few power outages but all in all good mild weather.

Carol Browne said...

Right now we're good. There is still snow everywhere, but temperature is mild. The roads are a mess, but at least it's not ess'ing. :-)

Your menagerie will be warm in the house with the new fireplace. Enjoy your cozy home!

Great coffee machine, too. Good coffee and a fire. Sounds excellent.

Kevin said...

Snow, rain, snow, rain, snow, rain...repeat, with the occasional freeze in there for good measure.

We are glad you like the coffee machine, who has time to count spoons of coffee!


My Little Corner said...

I know what you mean - for years I drank my coffee black but I didn't like Starbuck's - it was too bitter. Strong I liked, bitter I didn't. Unfortunately, I no longer enjoy coffee - except for the occasional latte I'm now an herbal tea drinker. But I understand. And that looks like a gorgeous Christmas present - so lucky you have a special electrician to get you a new outlet!

Oh yes, and down here 'on the coast' we're wet but doing okay. The snow is melting - yesterday I went from all white in my front yard to seeing a lot of my green lawn again (it never goes brown in the winter)It's been above freezing since Sunday but we've had a lot of rain and there are A LOT of puddles and sinkholes on the roads - the roads are wreaking havoc on our tires, rims and axles! But we're warm and happy about that. Us wimps, we can't handle more than 5 days of snow - man there are a lot of grumpy people around here!
Stay warm in your toasty house that smells like fresh brewed coffee (yum!)