Monday, February 16, 2009

and they ran anyway

Even with injuries and not feeling their best, Sara and Janet finished the First Half Marathon yesterday (it wasn't their "first" half marathon .... that's just what it's called). Sara sent me this picture from her phone.WOOT - WOOT !!!!

Check out Carol's blog for some pictures. She was at the finish line and got some great shots.


Carol Browne said...

My friend Catherine told me that this is the first half marathon of the year, hence the eagerness to be a part of it.

And it was excellent! Sara and Janet finished strong. Well done, guys!

My Little Corner said...

Congratulations to Sara - I know I couldn't run it!
And I saw Carol's photos, how does Sara look so good after all that running? (I'd be all red in the face, with lots of sweat and my hair all over the place - not a pretty site at all, don't picture it)