Monday, February 09, 2009

Cover Girls!

This is the cover of Running Room magazine. That's Sara on the right and her sister-in-law Janet on the left.

They wrote an article together for the January 2009 issue (click the pic to open a pdf ... their story is on page 48 of the magazine ... 26 of the pdf).
To everyone's surprise, there they were on the cover ... of November ... in French. But still. That is way, WAY cool!!

They also had their pic in the Nov/Dec (English) issue .... page 8 of the magazine, 6 of the pdf (click the pic to open pdf)

They ran in the Kelowna Half Marathon, where they met John Stanton. He encouraged them to write their story and submit it to the magazine.

I'm so PROUD of you, Sara. One day I would love to be running alongside you.

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Carol Browne said...

Yay! Hey, this weekend I'll be taking pictures of a cover girl. Who knew?