Tuesday, February 03, 2009

the army's coming through

We're getting very excited around here today. I'm busy charging all the camera batteries and emptying their various memory cards to make room. These guys are coming through .....
"The 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group"
. They are on a training exercise and making a trek from Kitimat, BC to Churchill, Manitoba on snowmobiles. (I think they actually started on Northern Vancouver Island, but this is the leg they're on now.)

I have to admit that when we got a call on Friday night from the local snowmobile club asking permission for these guys to cross our land, I was more than skeptical and somewhat annoyed. I thought it was B.S. (you know how I feel about those ski-dooers).

They were supposed to come through on Sunday, but we saw no one. As we were taking Sara and Kevin back to the airport in Prince George yesterday, there was a piece on CBC Radio about this very thing. They interviewed a couple of the Rangers who explained what they are doing.

So, it's for real. Now I'm excited. I'm glued to their website where they have a link where anyone can track their progress. They have a SPOT (we have one of those....I've talked about it here on my blog before). Too bad Sara & Kevin had to go home and will miss it. These guys will be passing something like 20 feet in front of our house.


Carol Browne said...


I'm standing by as well....

And the word verification is "songs". COOL.

My Little Corner said...

That's pretty cool. Intrusive but cool.

(I feel like Charlie Brown, I didn't get a good word verification - I got "ficonch")