Friday, February 20, 2009

exposure merging

This is something Kevin introduced me to. It's called "Exposure Merging". You bracket your shot (it's a setting on the camera which takes 3 successive pictures, each with different exposure levels), then run the photos through the software (he uses Photomatix) and it does all the work. It merges the 3 into one and I gotta say, it's pretty impressive.

I've been messing around for days and days, in Flickr and Picasa, trying to make them presentable, but it's a pain (I'm not the most patient person for learning new stuff). So I'm just going to lay them out here.

Kevin took a bunch of photos (and I'm dying to see them all merged), but these are 3 that he did while he was here.
Cool, eh? Oh, and by the way, see the tree in the centre of the picture with a cross arm hanging from it? (Well, actually, it looks more like a stick than a tree. And it's attached to that building). That's the tree that fell down only a few days later.

In this next set, you can see me on the veranda taking pictures of Kevin taking pictures.
They don't quite "pop" here as well as in full blown uncompressed mode, but hopefully you get the idea.

I've just got to find a way to do this in Linux. And spend some time with it.


Kevin said...

The small size doesn't do the pictures justice, but you get an idea of the nice exposures.

I found some info on HDR and Linux here

Another program you may want to look at is called GIMP


Carol Browne said...

Endako in HDR. Awesome!