Wednesday, May 20, 2009

dental distress is mental distress

I have a fear of dentists and having problems with my teeth. Does the fact that I have 16 crowns tell you anything? This is one of them..... It has no business being in my hand. It should be securely glued to a tooth .... in my mouth! Yesterday I bit into a ju-jube and out it popped. If I was in Vancouver it would be no problem to get in right away to see the dentist I've grown to trust, but up here is a different story. I did find a place that would take me today, in Burns Lake. I'm way stressed out. Will report back later.


Denise E said...

As long as you aren't in pain the wait is easy, just be careful.

Viki said...

didja' live? Is it ok now?

Carol Browne said...

Oof. That's tense. And hurty. You okay?