Saturday, May 02, 2009

a week of firsts

Thanks for the comments on my Harrier pictures. This blog just does not do them justice. The first one really is the better one.... very Robert Bateman.... but on some monitors it is too dark. I may blow it up and frame it.

It's been a week of firsts. Spring is finally arriving here in Central BC. The Sandhill Cranes are back .... the Mountain Bluebirds (I love this one ... he has a bug in his mouth ... I took this photo) ..... Oh yes, and the black bears. I didn't get a picture, but we saw him down by the river as we drove past the other day.

I've been waiting patiently for the hummingbirds to return, putting the feeder out perhaps a little too early (what's that white stuff?). And look at how the crazy thing hangs crooked like that. I've gotta figure out how to fix that.We also put the seed feeders up on a rope and pulley system that Art designed (for sneaky cat purposes). You can't really see it very well in this picture.This one's a little better. Hey, wait a minute..... what's that?could it be?.... YAHOOOO !!! My buddies are back. This little fellow made his first appearance at 8:00pm on Apr.30. You can almost set your watch to these guys. (sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy. I took them through a smudgie nose-print covered window). Notice a few pockets of snow still in the background.Our mud is finally drying up, but not before Cleo had some fun playing in it. Art calls this her "Seven-of-Nine" look.On one of the morning walks, Xena found a super good treasure in the bushes. She was NOT willing to share this with Cleo.The cats are still not too warmed up to Cleo. She does terrorize them a little, so it might be a long process. I'm hoping that this morning ritual of them eating their breakfast while she sits and watches will help with that.I want her to know they are part of the pack. I'd just let them all work it out amongst themselves if I could be sure she wouldn't do harm if she ever caught one. Time and patience.


Denise E said...

What do you think supplied this tasty jaw? Your front porch looks like the watering station for the marathon birds. The cats must just chatter when it's busy.

My Little Corner said...

yay! your h-birds are there!yippee! And the bluebird is gorgeous.
Love your photos - as always.
What's in Xena's mouth makes me say 'eeewwww' - but I guess that's nature!

Viki said...

The hummingbird that comes to my front room window is back too. He hovers in front of the window flies away, and comes back several times about 7 pm daily. Someone said the colours in the house might be attracting him, but I don't think he can see the small bits of red in the couch. Maybe the rockwork on the front. Might be Glenn sending me messages--he has had hummingbirds stand on his finger.

Endako Jo said...

Viki, I like the idea that Glenn is sending his hummingbird friends to say "hi" to you.

I think they have memory from previous flights. If there had ever been a feeder or flowers or something in that location that attracted them in the past, they are looking for it. These ones do that, hanging in a spot where a feeder was last year, but I haven't put it up yet. Or he could be seeing himself in the reflexion of the glass. Or he just likes you and is saying "hey, feed me will ya!"

Carol Browne said...

Blech. Dogs just love the most disgusting things, don't they?

Someone was telling me that there a ton of hummingbirds down at Jericho Beach somewhere off the beaten path. They hang together in a swarm. I think I'll see if I can find them.

Dear Cleo,

Please be nice to the kitties.


Carol Browne said...

I love to keep checking the picture of the bird with the bug in his mouth. So. Awesome.