Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm smiling again

Well, I survived my dental crisis.

Not a single one of the horrible scenarios running through my brain came to fruition (my brain is NOT my friend).

In fact, I was very impressed with the attention and care I received. They got me in almost right away and glued that little sucker right back on. After Art's tooth emergency last year I've been dismayed about what services are available in this area. Vanderhoof sucks pretty bad and Prince George is not much better. Their dentists are part-time and I was told by one place that they only take emergencies on Mondays and you need to book an appointment for that. What the ????? Fraser Lake has a dentist but he's closed for vacation (or something) and his office is a couple of trailers hobbled together, which does not exactly instill my confidence. On the verge of tears, I stopped to take a few deep breaths as I looked at the lone number left in the phone book. It was in Burns Lake. That is such a one-horse town, my expectations were pretty low. But I was in for a very pleasant surprise. It is an actual proper clinic with a wonderful staff. Not only did I not have to wait til September to get in, they are a full-time operation. Not 2 days here and 2 days in Smithers, like some of the other "professionals". The dentist himself was a bit scowlie-faced, but had a very gentle touch, so I'll give him another chance. Art and I are both booked for cleanings and checkups next week. Of course, I'm nervous all over again because those are not pleasant for me either, but it's one of those grin-and-bear-it things.

Now that the weather is finally turning nicer (still close to zero at night, though) green is popping up all over. And outside projects are taking precidence. My genealogy and other computer related things are having to wait for a rainy day.

Snow tires can be stored for the summer .... That tree that fell down got all chopped up and cleared away .... this would be why it fell down .... Before .... After .... Now that we actually own our driveway we are planning to build a nice entrance. Art's going to build an archway and a bit of decorative fence. The lumber is now in place, ready for construction.We've been continuing to bring gravel, sand and topsoil over from our newfound "pit", for use in the garden and yard. Here we are giving the dogs a ride.It's not quite so squishy in the skidsteer. I had a lot of downtime when Art was cutting up that tree, so I really did bring my knitting along. Quite a versatile gal, dontcha think?Went for a walk the other day. It was snowing.I had to put these on. No kidding.By the way...those socks are the best! They are the nicest ones I've ever found. Cushy, soft and stretchy (perfect for my tootsies). So, if anyone is ever wondering what to get me for Christmas....these are the ones.

I've got quite a nice hummingbird commune going on here now. I'd say about 15 that hang around the front of the house and about 8 at the back. They are especially active at dusk and last night, as I was taking this feeder down to refill it, about 6 birds hovered around me. Three stayed sitting on it while I carried it away. I asked Art to take a picture, but then they all got scared. Just this one guy stayed.Xena and Cleo are enjoying themselves.


Love Sis said...

So glad the dentist visit went good. What'cha knitting? I'm interested in the driveway entrance reno, keep us informed.

Viki said...

Glad to see you're smiling again.

Carol Browne said...

I LOVE you knitting in the skid steer. So. Great.

Oh...look! Cleo and Xena are pals. I love that story.

Congratulations on the happy chompers, too.