Tuesday, May 12, 2009

work, play, relax

We are taking today off because it's kinda stormy outside. Rain and hail and COLD.Even the hummingbirds are looking like they need parkas. I'll bet they're wondering why they ever left Mexico for this.But don't worry. I won't embarass you by crocheting silly little outfits like someone did for this poor fellow. How undignified.... c'mon.Mind you, I don't know what this person was thinking. Maybe it was really cold that day. Makes you go hmmmmmmm, though, doesn't it?We bought Cleo a new ball. It's actually a horse ball, but we gave one to Xena and she loves it more than any other toy. So we thought Cleo might like one too.The handle makes it easy for her to carry and easy for us to throw. But Cleo doesn't quite get it."don't need no stinkin' handle....gnarrr, gnarrrrr"

We're doing a lot of work around the place, with the use of Tom's skidsteer. I'm really getting the hang of driving it. I feel a little guilty (but not too much) doing the easy part while Art slaves away with all the manual labour. I should take my knitting with me, for the times that I'm sitting inside the cab with nothing to do (wouldn't that be a picture?). But I always have my camera, so tried to be creative.

I wonder what the bunny symbol stands for ....

Art and Tom dug a Walipini and Xena is proudly overseeing the operation.She just looks so gorgeous sometimes.and when she's not supervising the hired help, she is scanning her domain.The cats, on the other hand, like to nap ..... a lot ....On our way home from town yesterday, we stopped to say hello to this guy.He was just down at the bottom of our property. When we were walking the dogs the other morning, we could hear him calling in the not too distant distance. That's when we want to keep the dogs close.As well as getting ready to plant the garden, we've had the odd home repair. Like this ........ danged thing came off right in my hand. We purchased one of those fancy-schmancy number keypad ones a while back, but do you think we could find it? No. Anyhow, this one does the trick quite nicely.In the Fall, we bought a really nice new window to replace the drafty, broken one in our kitchen. It arrived at about the same time as the snow, so the job had to wait for Spring. Unfortunately, it got damaged in a windstorm. I was very sad to see one of the panes all shattered, but Art says it can be repaired. I couldn't get a picture because of the glare, so put my polarizer on. Then it all turned pink. Kind of cool.


Viki said...

the first year in Alberta, we worked on Fred farmer's bailing & thrashing. I ran the bailer, and Ric drove the grain truck to the main auger/silo. One time he came to visit me in the tractor. His reaction: "hey you got a radio." I didn't tell him about the a/c.

Kevin said...

You just have to honk the horn and tell the guy doing the manual labour to hurry up! No sense sitting around.

Carol Browne said...

Knitting in the skidsteer...LOLS!

Also, that bear was VERY close. Yikes.

Your kitties hugging? Oh dear. I think Oscar needs a pal. And it seems like Xena and Cleo get along, too.

Come on warm weather! I want to see those hummingbirds. Lord knows they have plenty to eat around your place.