Saturday, September 30, 2006

I can't find my glasses

I don't know what is the matter with me lately, but I keep losing my glasses. Art makes smart comments ... something about "that's the first sign you know". I just ignore him. The other day I was helping my nephew load something onto his truck, so put my glasses "in a safe place" .... on the hood of his truck. Didn't remember 'til after he'd driven off. My heart sank. I jumped in my car and started to chase after him, when I saw a glint on the side of the road. My glasses were intact! Phewwwww.

Now, I've lost them again. They've got to be in this house somewhere, but WHERE ???? Yes, yes I've tried those string thingies, but they make the arms too tight and I get a headache. I must be wearing them wrong. Anyways, I finally had to dig out my old ones. Aren't these ghastly? But at least I can drive.

1 comment:

carolb said...

I would not say ghastly as much as I would say gigantic. Those are the biggest glasses I've ever seen!