Thursday, September 21, 2006

My new job

Here is where I'll be working for the next 5 weeks or so. The Fraser Lake dump.I gotta say, it's not the most stimulating job I've ever had, but it's kind of fun ... in a weird way. Art says I'm a girl after his own heart because I'm willing to look for treasures there and bring them home. It's amazing what people throw away, and it's not always broken or yuckky. Like old windows .... perfect for that greenhouse we are building. And a couple of screen doors. We need those, but yikes, they are expensive. These are FREE! And 2 of those lazy-susan corner kitchen cabinet thingies ... so you can get at the stuff in the far back of the cupboard. And they're perfectly good. Not bent or dinged or worn out ... like new. Go buy those at IKEA!

So there are some perks to an otherwise excruciatingly boring job. Yesterday was a little tough because the ground was muddy after a couple of days of hard rain. I wrenched my knee from continually sinking ankle deep in sucking clay. Not so much fun. The best part is coming home at night and Art has supper on and the fire on and the house is warm and cozy and smells wonderful. Life is good!

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carolb said...

What is that guy doing on the sign? It looks like he's so excited to be at the dump, he's jumping off the back of the truck right into the garbage. Do you have people doing that regularly at your dump?