Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Incommunicado.....sort of

We had quite a surprise when we woke up on Friday morning. It was snowing! (the day before we were out in T-shirts). Art took pity on me working at the dump with nowhere to take refuge, so we hooked up the Boler and took it out there. Xena and I are about to hunker down inside as the snow starts to really accumulate.About 10:00pm on Friday night, the power went out. It snowed hard all night and most of Saturday. Look how deep it got in just a short time!I really should have phoned my Mom to wish her an early Happy Birthday .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM !!!! .... because by Sunday morning the phones were out. The sun finally came out and the world looked beatiful. This is one of the views from our veranda.This is one of my birdfeeders.With the power being out so long, we were getting concerned about the freezers thawing, so Art fired up that big generator we bought a few months back.Thank God for that thing. It has now been 4 full days without power. We even have been able to watch a little TV because of having that generator. And now, today, we got the computer going. Seems strange, doesn't it? We can't contact the outside world because the phone is out and the driveway is impassable, so we've had to resort to the internet and email, asking for people to make calls for us.
Do you remember that confused lilac bush I told you about? Well, it got that shock I was worried about. Here she is today. Looking pretty sad.And while I was out there I saw this big snow pack hanging off the roof. Wild, eh? It is slowly slipping off, but by the time the sun hits it it is setting, so doesn't warm up much.Here's what it looks like through the upstairs windows.So, today it's -12 C and and we are hunkered down for the duration. Art got out yesterday (so we can get out in an emergency), but he almost did not get back up. It was a terrible strain on the truck as our driveway is not plowed, so we won't be doing that again. Don't worry about us, though. We have plenty of wood for the furnace, food, water and and about a week's worth of fuel for the generator, stove and lanterns. We've put out a request (via email) to have a snowplow sent. In the meantime, we are quite comfy cozy.
Stay tuned for further updates. I will try to post again soon and let you know how we're doing.

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carolb said...

That's a great picture out your bedroom window. Stay warm! What an adventure!