Thursday, October 12, 2006

Polar bears and woodpiles

This is Cyrus. I think he looks more like a polar bear than a dog, but he is such a nice guy. His owner seems to be a regular visitor at the dump (and a little more so now that I've shown an interest in his dog, which is a little weird, but hey .... it's a weird place).I found this camera the other day. I think I'll run a roll of film through it and see what I get. It's a Pentax for God's sake.While I've been busy slaving at the old dump, Art has been whiling away the hours collecting, chopping and stacking wood. That fellow can really swing an axe, let me tell you! We will be toasty warm this winter. Here, Xena is helping him. She likes to do that.Today was my day off and I spent most of it at the neighbour's. It was supposed to be a meeting of the women of the Community Hall Society to discuss an upcoming event, but really it was more of just a hen party. It was a lot of fun, but I ended up being there for much longer than I intended. I was supposed to be babysitting the dog because Art was working with his brother. When I finally did get home, Xena was not in her room and this note was pinned to the door.

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carolb said...

Loitering at the dump? Cool. I never thought of it as a place to hang out, but, why not? There's cameras and polar bears there. Who knew that Xena could write? AMAZING!