Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yummy in my tummy

Good God woman, don't poke that thing!Found this dilly in one of the barns. Even though it didn't look inhabitted, Art zapped it with a wasp bomb. Xena was doing her part by finding old dried up cow pies and giving them .... yup, a taste test. Mmmmmmm.There's only about 3 weeks left at the dump. One of the nice things about my drive in each day is seeing these 2. They had been laying side by side in exactly the same position as each other, but as soon as I stopped to take this picture one of them stood up. Every time I see horses I think of my niece Jodie and how when she was little would call them "oh-shee". Of course, the first time we heard her say that we thought she was swearing.Last week it poured (which gives me a whole new respect for people that have to work outside all year round). Then this boat showed up at the dump. Looks like the ark sitting up on that hill like that, doesn't it?.The weather has been terribly mild here. It's getting to zero at night, but hardly enough to leave frost. I even found this very confused lilac bush behind the house the other day. It must think it's spring or something. All new leaves and buds! Poor thing is in for a shock.But despite the balmy weather, the wind was a-howlin' at the dump. I do not like the wind one bit. I can stand the cold .... don't actually feel it. But the wind is another story. So, after 8 hours of that it was a wonderous thing to come home to this.The house was warm and smelled of simmering stew and freshed baked biscuits and apple pie. Art made all of this .... from scratch. What a wonderful guy.


Viki said...

Hey, is that Noah's lifeboat?

carolb said...

Your food shots are very delicious and Marth Stewart like. Can't wait to hear about the horsies. One more photo to add to your collection of pictures of things dangerously hovering above your head!