Friday, October 06, 2006

Our angel is home

We picked up Xena from the vet yesterday morning. She seems to have made an impression on the staff there. They described her as "exuberant" and you'd never know that she just had major abdominal surgery. Well, ain't that the truth. She is definitely full of life, that little girl.

Look at what the high school threw away at the dump the other day. There is nothing wrong with any of this stuff, so I took it all home (except for the broken fridge, of course). Very useful in the workshop(s) and my study.These are 3 very large and extremely sturdy tables that Art has made a superb work surface out of in his workshop. He will be posting pictures very soon on his blog.

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carolb said...

Welcome home, Xena! Looking good. Also, nice haul of tables. You guys just keep racking up the good environmental karma, that's for sure!