Wednesday, June 13, 2007

grad class of 8

Xena graduated doggy skool. She wasn't valedictorian or anything (pooping on the classroom floor 3 weeks in a row doesn't really go in one's favour), but all in all she came out a star in our eyes. We just have to keep working with her to reinforce what she's learned, but the thing I am most impressed with is that she comes when called. Even if she is out in the field and starts chasing the cows, she will stop and come back when called.

We've had to do a little extra work with her regarding the cows, like taking her up to the fence while on leash. Art also takes her out amongst them on the ATV. These are yearlings, so are pretty brave as well as curious. They will actually chase HER. Unfortunately, that gets a bad game of mayhem going, so we can't let it start.Even though Xena has been working hard at learning to be a good dog, she also gets lots of cuddles .... especially from "dad".

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