Thursday, June 14, 2007

you've heard of Watergate?

We have Cowgate .... with water. The cows are driving me crazy. They keep walking across the cattle-guard and I seem to be forever out there screeching like a mad woman and flailing a stick at them. I do not know what their fascination is, but they group all together right over it and lean more and more forward until one of them steps through. Then the rest follow.And of course they always wait for the torrential rains to do this. I think they do it for laughs, just to see me running around in the mud with my flip-flops and no jacket. We got so tired of it, Art put up this make shift barricade. Cows may be dumb, but they are incredible engineers. See how they are plotting and scheming?During the night they managed to get one end of that board down .... and it was wired to the fence !!!!

Speaking of torrential rains. This looks a lot like Carol's weather report, except we ARE getting rain. And lots of it. With pockets of blue sky tossed in just to throw us off.It doesn't take much of this stuff to turn our driveway into slime .... all the better for chasing cows.

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My Little Corner said...

Cows are crazy.