Sunday, June 10, 2007

staining a log home

Here is what we've been doing for almost 2 weeks. Staining a log house on Francois Lake. Art's brother Tom built the log shell. His son Conrad put it up on the site and completed the construction. This is before and after our stain job.2 coats inside and out (in some areas outside there are 3 coats) and a clear coat over it all. We also put 3 coats of urethane on the entire upstairs floor. There is still a bit of work to finish....the inside window frames and the outside of the dormer. The rains came, so we had to stop.

This job was a lot of .... LOT OF .... work. We were up at 4:30am every day and not home until 7:00pm, with an hour's commute each way. Mind you, it certainly was less stressful and much more beautiful than commuting from, say, Chilliwack to Vancouver. Every day we would see more deer than you could count on two hands and twice we saw a black bear with her cub and a cow moose with her brand-new calf. There were 2 loons that came almost right to our shore a couple of times, and some kind of sandpiper type bird that continued to visit. I don't know what he was, but he did this cute little bobbing-curtsy thing while he walked along the water's edge. So, I guess there are definitely worse job sites around. We were pretty lucky.....not to mention TIRED!

Here are some more "during" pictures. They are a bunch of stills that I put into Windows Movie Maker. If you think the duration of each shot is too short, let me know. I can lengthen them. I see the quality is somewhat diminished when put into "movie" format, but I wanted to give it a try. And I don't need to write a storyline, do I? (except maybe to explain that one of me with a white nose ..... now whatever you're thinkin' .... stop! I'm just showing that one should always wear a mask when spraying paint.)

PS: YouTube seems to be having difficulties and if they don't smarten up I will just remove this video and post all the stills individually.


Carol said...

Wow! That's a beautiful house that Tiny made. It's huge inside. And the view? What a great place. I liked the movie a lot. Also, I looked right up your nose, right into your brain!!!! Ahahahaahaaa!

My Little Corner said...

That is amazing. The cabin is gorgeous, and the staining and finishing enhance it beautifully. What a wonderful place to work - I image that you had pretty tired arms though. What a great thing to have done. The movie pictures were great, so interesting to view.

Jo-Ann said...

It's a little bit of false advertising for Tiny, because he just builds the bottom part. Basically a log box. It's Conrad that makes it into a house .... foundation, putting the logs up, windows and doors, design and build the whole upper floor & roof. That's not to say Tiny's part is minimal, because his precision with fitting the logs tightly is truely the best around.