Friday, June 15, 2007

a new fence

Those cows I keep talking about are not our cows. They belong to a neighbour and we allow them to graze on our land in the summertime. That's why it's a little frustrating that WE are fixing the fences all the time. The current area that is enclosed is about 20 acres and contains our gardens and all the buildings....the 2 houses, 2 barns, workshop and 7 or so sheds. It really doesn't need to be that big so last year we asked that neighbour to build us a new fence, essentially cutting the area in half. That would leave more land to graze (and less for us to mow) and also create a corral for when he wants to sort or round up his cattle. A couple of days ago he did just that.

This is his tractor and fence-post-pounding-contraption. His daughter, son-in-law and helper gave him a hand and within 3 hours time they had contructed a skookum 300 metre long barbed wire fence with a gate in the middle.We are now separated from the other house, but that's OK. No one lives in it.

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