Monday, June 18, 2007

wacky weather

We have been getting the craziest weather up here in Central BC. Every single day, for something like 2 weeks now, it starts off beautiful. Sunny, blue sky. Not so warm, though. Hovers between 10 & 14 C. Then by afternoon the black storm clouds roll in and it starts to pour! There's even been some thunder and lightning. On Saturday, the storm was coming from the direction of Burns Lake and it must have damaged the tower on Sheridan Mtn., because we were without the internet for half the weekend. One of the fortunate things about being up high on this hillside is we have line-of-sight to that tower (about 25km away), so are the only people in the area with high-speed internet.

This weather definitely makes it easier to stay inside and Art's been working like a dog to meet a deadline with his database upgrades. I've been cleaning up the house, getting ready for company to arrive later in the week. It's just as well we aren't outside because the black flies are horrendous. We are even keeping Xena in the house. We let her out for 5 minutes yesterday and she was begging to come back in. She was being attacked mercilessly by those #&@%$! It must have been torture for her and she was listless for the rest of the day. Now, she only goes out to do her business and gets a light rubdown with repellant before-hand.

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