Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Two days ago this was the view out our kitchen window.It did that for almost the whole day, then it all melted which caused some flooding in our basement. Not nice. Then around bedtime last night a howling chinook came through. It was all of a sudden, with the temperature rising to almost 16C and hurricane force winds. I could hear those loose metal shingles squeaking away on the outside of the house and looked out at one point to see a huge piece of styrofoam insulation flying across the yard. It had ripped right off the wall!Art's out there now figuring out what we need to fix this before winter really hits.

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My Little Corner said...

Oh no! That's horrible. Poor Art, did he get it covered? sorry to hear about your flooding - that's never fun to deal with! I can't believe the winter weather is already upon you. Good thing you have such a nice warm cozy house!
Hope you managed to get your siding and insulation back up.