Friday, October 05, 2007

gettin' chilly out there

Last Saturday, Sep.29, we had our first snow.It stuck for a little while, about 100 feet above us, but was all gone before too long. It was good timing because only the day before did Art finish helping our neighbour put up the last of his silage. That meant that the cows could go home, and 2 days ago the cowboys (and girl) came through to round them up. Xena was SO happy because she got to run with the big dogs. I don't know if she was actually a help or a hindrance, but I was very proud when at the end, while she was "hanging" with the cowboys, I called her to come and she did. And sat near me without being told while I clipped on her leash. Nothing worse than standing there screaming like a mad woman while the dog runs around ignoring me. I was really proud of her. She wanted to continue on with them very badly, but she did what I said.

Last night it froze HARD. When I looked out this morning everything was white. The thermometer on the veranda said it got to -3 but I think that at ground level it was colder than that. Dare we go look at the tire garden coldframes?

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My Little Corner said...

Brrr, I'm not ready for that chilliness yet!
So proud of Xena for listening to her master amongst all that fun!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!