Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April showers

You know how in Vancouver it rains almost every day, especially at this time of year? Well, here in Endako, it's not like that. It's actually the talk of the town, days in advance, that it's supposed to rain on Wednesday.Today is Wednesday, and yup, it rained. Actually, it snowed first, then turned to rain. And now it's over. For the past 4 days it's been almost 20 degrees (celcius, of course). I find it very confusing.
I'm just glad it was warm, sunny (and not windy) for Mike, Carol and Moosh's visit. I'm pretty sure they had a fun time. All the fields to run in brought out the puppy in Moosh (well, she thought about it, anyways). Carol did some major exploring on an ATV we borrowed from Tom. Mike and Art hung out some and explored a little, too.
Carol and Art had a crafting session, to make prototype invitations for Audrey & Walter's 50th anniversary party.

They also were designing jewelry made from, of all things, Moose dung. Yup ..... raisins .... pellets ..... buns ..... whatever you call it, it's poop. Here is Carol sporting the new line of earrings. It's not so bad really. They're all dried out. And don't smell. You'd never know ..... if you didn't know.
Anyways, Carol got to meet a bunch of cows and all their newborn calves. She also met Molly, the neighbour's 600 lb pig. Check out Carol's blog, where she has posted pictures. Molly is a character. When she's feeling lonely she goes for a hike over to the next farm, where there is a big old hounddog that she is in love with. The hounddog is very patient, takes her by the ear and walks her around the yard. Probably explaining how it would just never work out between them. Then Walter goes and gets her and brings her home.

In between the visits from friends, Art and I have been working at finishing the storage shed. We built a ton of skookum shelving from old barnboards we found around the property (maybe Art will post pictures on his blog). Making something useful out of nothing is very satisfying.....and fun. I know all the physical work is good for me, but boy am I beat at the end of the day.

Today, we thought we'd take a break and go into Vanderhoof (about 60 km away). I think, maybe, we weren't meant to go, though. Woke up.....snowing. Tried to leave.....truck had a flat tire. Fixed that, got 20 km away......truck started to lose power. Had to decide.....keep going or turn back. Turned back. By the time we travelled the 20 km back all gauges had stopped working, no heater, no windshield wipers (it's still snowing out, by the way, so really hard to see out the windows) and finally the fuel pump stopped. We literally coasted the last 20 feet into Tom's driveway. Is it just me, or is there a pattern developing here? Looks like the alternator's gone. Ordered a new one. It'll be here tomorrow, so I guess that'll be "fix the truck" day....again.

Saw 8 deer in our front field this evening. I think they are getting to know that this is a safe haven for them, as they are coming closer and closer. We also have a pair of Sandhill Cranes that visit almost every day, as well as a pair of Northern Harriers.


carolb said... nice! Look at all the deer. We had a great time and don't my new earrings look lovely?

Viki said...


Jo-Ann said...

Carol's not actually "wearing" poop. Art is holding it (ick) for her...just to see how it looks. At no time did poop touch skin (except Art's, but he's a guy, so it's OK). Mind you they were making a game out of kicking cow pies around, so there was a definite "poop" theme going on.

carolb said...

LOL! I was only imagining myself wearing poop, not really wearing poop. It was for display purposes only. But I did kick poop. So my boots touched poop.

Mike Browne said...

I was quite taken aback when Art took off his hat and filled it with moose shit. I thought he'd lost his mind.