Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's been a busy few days

Our friends, Mike & Barb Rockey, came to visit and slogged their guts out for 3 days. Every time they come for a holiday they work and work and work.

Barb dug in the garden (while her dogs wanted her to just throw those sticks).
Mike helped Art clean out a shed and build some shelves. We appreciate all they do, but it sure seems like a strange way to spend a vacation.

Art put away the snowblower....even though we've been waking up to snow every morning for a week now. It melts by noon, so need for the snowblower.

I set up some birdfeeders......

The Rockeys gave me a terrific book on birds and it has already helped me identify some of the birds I've been seeing.

We've had more deer crossing the fields and yesterday there was a black bear by the pond above our house. I spotted him while out for a walk and ran all the way back to get my camera. He was so busy digging up ant nests he didn't even notice.

Now we await the arrival of our other friends, Mike and Carol Browne. They are driving up from Vancouver today. We are very excited to have them spend a few days with us. We'll make sure Mike gets a pair of gloves. We don't want a recurrance of the Shuswap ditch-digging/blister incident. Nothing but the best for our workers (just kidding....lounging and book reading is definitely allowed).
Here's just one of the many tasks that Barb took on when she was here in the fall. She was about to go into a shed full of survival food, which rats had ravaged (don't ask me what's up with the survival food. It was here when we moved in).


gayle said...

hey there! that's so great that yer pals are helping so much. looks like arthur is busy too. i want to know what jo does! (other than bird watch) hehehe.

carolb said...

I just want to be the first to admit that Mike and I did the complete opposite of Mike and Barb. Mike and I ate all the Blomquists' food and used all the gas in the ATV.

It was heaven! THANK YOU!