Saturday, April 08, 2006

so, Carol wants cows?

Our friends, Mike and Carol, are coming to visit from Vancouver. They will be here in 2 weeks. It's pretty much a guarantee that all the snow will be gone, but I'm not so sure the cows will be here yet. Carol said on her blog that she can't wait to see the cows. The farmer that rents our pasture land may not bring his cows over until later in the season, as they are busy calving right now. So, here's some pictures from last year. Notice how beautifully green everything is. Right now, the grass is all brown and the trees haven't started budding new leaves yet. #1 - cows in mid May (only a few of the total 100 or so).
#2 - July long weekend. Malcolm's tent. A bunch of the guys putting gas in Malcolm's car when he thought it was broken down (but just out of fuel). The little green and little blue buildings in the background are now gone. We demolished them at Christmas time.
#3 - Art & Malcolm on the veranda. The hanging lamp was a gift to Art from his co-workers at the City of Vancouver when he retired. It now hangs inside the house. The orange benches are also gone.

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carolb said...

Oh DARNIT!! No cows? Oh well...Northern Lights look good and so does the generator. LOL!