Friday, April 14, 2006

It's snowing....not it's not....yes, it is....

And not pretend snow. Real, actual, sticking-to-the-ground snow. It is noon on Good Friday, April the 14th, minus 3 degrees and dag-nabbed snowing! (Don't be scared Mike and Carol......I'm sure it'll be gone before you get here.....pretty sure....maybe.....). This is all just a last ditch effort of Old Man Winter (who is NOT the person pictured here ..... that'd be Art). I happen to know spring is coming because just yesterday I was at the local garden nursery planting flowers in hanging baskets. We have a neighbour named Audrey (I've mentioned her before). She and her husband Walter have a cattle ranch and in the summer they bring their cows up to graze in our pastures. Well, Audrey is a sweet and lovely woman who has reached out to include us in all kinds of functions and events in this little community. She invited me to join her, her daughter and grandson for a day of making hanging baskets. It was a super hoot. The 4 of us had the run of the entire greenhouse/nursery and were making hanging flower baskets like crazy.
Even Lane (Audrey's grandson), who was somewhat dubious about spending the day with a bunch of old biddies, ended up having a ton of fun. I think he's hooked. I sure do appreciate these guys inviting us into their lives.

And speaking of flowers.....what do you suppose this kitty kat is up to here? I'll tell you what she's up to....she's EATING MY CARNATIONS! I caught her doing this a couple of times. She was biting the heads off the flowers, leaving them lying around on the table and eating the leaves and stems. I, of course, immediately went onto the internet to see if she was poisoned or not. It turns out that carnations are edible. Who knew? Apparantly Chickie did.

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carolb said...

Sounds like heaven! I haven't gotten to the hanging basket stage here yet!