Tuesday, April 04, 2006

To Terrace and back

Now that we're home and I've caught my breath a little I can post some pictures of our trip to Terrace. The weather was perfect, so the trip was very scenic. There's still lots of snow just above the road and from Smithers westward it's a continous panorama of glorious mountains.
The first 2 pictures are of Moricetown....the 1st taken last August by Brian Pinkerton, the 2nd by me just 5 days ago ( I thought the contrast was interesting). It's a spot where the Bulkley River runs through a very narrow canyon and the Indians fish there with long spears. That's cool to watch.

On our way home on Friday we encountered a very weird (and also a little heart-wrenching) phenomenon. In the early morning, along the shady parts of the highway, were flocks of little green birds. They sat on the centre line and when a vehicle came along they flew up. Unfortunately, some of them were not fast enough and ..... well ..... splat! This went on for miles and miles. It was freaky! We hit 4 on the windshield and many more on the grill and body of the truck. Yeesh!

Further on down the road I spotted two big cottonwood trees, one with a huge eagle's nest in it.Sitting on a branch, beside the nest was a handsome bald eagle and from the right angle I could see his wife sitting in the nest. We stopped so I could get pictures. I really miss my camera with the telephoto lens, as I can only zoom in so far with my little digital. I also took some video because it has a better zoom, but I haven't learned how to utilize the footage on the computer yet.

This one is of the Skeena River, from a roadside pullout.

This one I just took through the windshield as we were driving down the road. I just love mountains!

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