Monday, April 10, 2006

Wildlife abounds

It feels like the world is coming alive around us. Some green grass is starting to poke up, there were 2 deer in our field yesterday (here's a pic, but the deer are kind of hard to see....a couple of blobs in the open area),
and almost every day I'm seeing some new bird. I've actually started taking notes about the ones I see, so that I can look them up later. Apparantly, the ones I saw the other day are called Mountain Bluebird. Very pretty (note: not a picture I took.....I stole it off the internet).

Our neighbour, Audrey, has noticed my growing interest in the birds (as she is avid about them herself) so yesterday gave me this feeder. I'm excited to get it set up.

We went for a long walk around part of the perimeter of our place the other day and came upon an abandoned coyote den dug into a hillside. So much more to explore, too. Who knows what else we will find.


Marsha said...

It looks like a nice place to live. I envy you.

Anonymous said...

Spring is the best time to start feeding the birds as they will discover it as soon as they fly back north and you will discover new species all the while. The more you see, the more you notice and enjoy. Peg