Thursday, May 04, 2006

Deer, birds and Gramma's house

We took a trip into Vanderhoof yesterday, to do some shopping. Besides the usual groceries, etc, we picked up some seed potatoes and a few more small hummingbird feeders. I read that it's best to have a few because hummingbirds get possessive and don't like to share. Now we are on the hunt for some old truck tires. Art is going to build potatoe planters out of them.

I do have one complaint about the day. We stopped for lunch in the mall. Not a fancy place, but quiet. Well, for a little while anyways. Right next to us ..... and I mean right next to us ..... a group of 4 Moms and their collective brood of about 10 babies/toddlers plunked themselves down. Screamin' and cryin' and general mayhem ensued for the next half hour. What is up with that anyways? Surely it can't be fun for those women, but they seem to be deaf to it. It's like it's their only chance to visit with each other, so be damned how much their heathens are disturbing the peace. Anyways .... that's my rant for the day.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the shed project continues.I helped Art put up fascia boards and then he got inspired to build this covered bird perch. What do you think? Pretty creative, eh?

Are you getting tired of deer pictures? I'm not. There are 2 families (3 in one, 5 in another) that visit us twice every day. They are coming right up to the house now. They run away a little when we get too close, except for this one. He just posed for us as we drove by.I know that I might not be so fond of them once the garden is planted and they try to eat it. We will just have to make it deer-proof. I just love so much to have the wildlife around me. And that I cannot see or hear people.

I took this picture on my evening walk to "Gramma's". That's the name of the second house on our property. The former owners built it for their gramma and she lived in it 'til she died. It currently sits empty on the hill above our house. Everyone in the community still refers to it as "Gramma's", so we just continue to call it that.

The memory card for my camera arrived today. Yay! Now I can go crazy taking pictures again.

We were supposed to go to Burns Lake tonight. It's the monthly meeting of our new Rockhound club. Unfortunately, our truck is out of commission again. Tom and Art worked for most of the afternoon, changing the power steering pump. The job went fairly smoothly, but at the end the pump was leaking fluid. Turns out it is defective and they'll have to replace it again tomorrow. Oh well, no big deal. Hey ..... am I getting Endako-ized?

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Been said...

Wow - it looks like you have been keeping busy! Close call on the kamikaze cat - perhaps we should consider kitty parachutes (or railings!). Just catching up on everything & am having fun getting up to date, thanks!