Friday, May 12, 2006

Fences and horseshoes

Today we might be putting in fence posts. The grass is turning very green and it's time to get those cows up here (they are our lawn mowers), so Walter's son-in-law, Russ is coming up to do a little fence re-arranging for us. Last year the cows had free run of the entire place. I don't really mind the strategically placed cow pies, but they have no regard for gardens. Shrubs and ornaments just get broken. So, this year we are fencing them out of the house area. Now we'll have to cut our own grass .... either that or get a goat.

Tomorrow is horse shoeing day at the Reads'. Walter and Audrey's son, Calvin, is a master blacksmith and makes the horseshoes from scratch, right there. I'm very interested to see that, so will be taking my camera along for sure.

As Art would say...... " What fun we do have !!! "


Daughter One said...

Dang, I was looking forward to seeing Carol Brownes cow pie jewelry - I thought she was just getting started with the moose dung earrings... Well, it will still be there I guess, just not as conveniently located.

carolb said...

Woohoo! Did you say goat? A real live blacksmith? That's amazing.