Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lotsa little things

Here's a few more pictures from Mike and Carol's visit (although the pictures are of Carol....Mike was around somewhere).
I think my Mom will get a giggle from this one. Art on his bucking bronco!Last Friday, we had a date at Walter & Audrey's for supper and a card making party. There turned out to be 9 of us, with Art at the helm. Walter, Russell and Lane (the other 3 guys) hi-tailed it outside to do "chores" because they didn't want nothin' to do with that girly stuff. Pretty soon, though, we saw them sneaking back for a look. I think we were having too much fun. Lane couldn't resist and ended up jumping right in. After all, there were some cute young girls around that table.....no dummie him!

We completed 100 cards in about 3 hours, but there's still 100 more to go. So, this Friday we'll do it all again.

We're still getting to-and-fro weather. Yesterday we froze, today it's too hot. There's a helluva wind that blows here sometimes, which chills ya to the bone. Real nice in summer, though. Keeps the bugs away.

Art's been working hard on that shed project. He took time out to help me extend my bird feeder. We made it taller, with more room for bigger birds and anchored it with some boulders of that gorgeous pink granite we have laying around on the property.

I saw our first hummingbird the other day. He stopped at my feeder and he looked like he's had a long journey. We also spotted a big fat, handsome marmot living in a stack of fallen poplar at the end of our driveway. Art always sees him first, as we're driving by, so all I ever see is his big round butt as he goes into his burrow.

I ordered a bunch of flower seeds, some tomatoes and purple carrots. Can hardly wait for those to arrive so I can do a little planting.

I also had to order a new memory card for my digital camera. I must have worn it out because it used to hold 300 pictures, but now will only hold 20. That'll just never do.

Oh ... and this morning .... a touch of excitement. See this unfinished balcony? It is off our bedroom, on the 3rd floor of the house.

I had the door open to take pictures of these guys in the front yard.Chickie, my little tabby cat (who is usually the smart one) decided to explore a little. When I looked down from my camera all I saw was her rear end sticking out of this little hole.
Can you see the hole I'm talking about? It's that triangle in the right corner. Here's a close-up.

And here's a look at it from the other side. It's that triangular bit of sky you can see above the stairs.Nowhere for her to go but down. She couldn't turn around. She couldn't back out. I felt my heart fly into my throat. I went out as far as I could (you did notice that there are no railings, right?) and layed down. I couldn't reach in very well, so grabbed her tail and pulled. She didn't like it too much, but I got her out enough to grab onto more of her. I finally had her in my arms, fur flying, and scared spitless (and that was me).

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carolb said...

Poor chicky! LOL! I'm glad you saved her, tail and all.

Did you find a cowboy hat or cowboy boot stamp for the cards? Art was thinking of adding that.

Happy planting!