Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What is going on?!?!

My good heavens, I think I'm going to MELT!!! It's bloody 38 degrees out there! That's in the sun, of course. It's only 27 in the shade, but still...... let's have some moderation here. Sheesh! There is one thing that's cool about a log building, though ..... it's cool. I think I'll just stay inside. I'm nursing a terrible cold right now, anyways. After a week, I've now lost my voice. Nothin's gonna keep me from going camping, though. Here's Art working on getting the Boler ready to go.We are leaving on Thursday for a weekend of rockhounding at Heffley Creek (near Kamloops). Of course, I may regret that if it stays this hot. That's just a stupid place to go when it's hot out .... unless you like it hot .... which I don't. Anyways, back to rocks .... it's a yearly event known as "Rendezvous", where rockhounds from all over get together for fieldtrips and fellowship. After that, we're going to Howard Lake to camp with our friends Mike and Barb Rockey. Hopefully, all the yahoos will be gone by then. One reason we prefer winter camping is because, usually, the only yahoos are us.

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