Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day

Wow! It's been 24 hours without rain (in this past month). Maybe we'll get some summer now (???) Mind you, except for the few days that we took off to visit with our guests, Art has been pretty much cooped up in his study programming. It's much easier to do that when it's crappy outside. He's hoping to be finished soon.

Not only have the garden, chicken house, fence, driveway projects (as well as that paint job that's still incomplete) been put on hold, but we have been unable to live up to a commitment we made to the local rockhound club. They are hosting next month's "Summer Camp", to which about 100 rockhounds from far and near come for a week of fieldtrips and fellowship. We have missed 3 or 4 exploration trips with the club to search for suitable collection sites. There's another one on Tuesday. Maybe we'll get to that. Apparantly, conditions haven't been too great out there. There's still snow in the mountains and a lot of flooding in the valleys. We may be very limited to where we can take people.

Speaking of rockhounds ..... our little kleptomaniac is becoming very discerning in her thefts these days. She swiped something yesterday and was carrying it around in her mouth (which is a very common occurance).When I made her spit it out this is what I found!Jaysus-murphey, I hope she didn't swallow one of those points! She really can't be trusted to wander around the house on her own.

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