Saturday, July 21, 2007

treasures in the mail

Art and I have been very busy with this database upgrade. Art has been putting in 14 hour days for over a month now and recently I've been working with him. We're actually a pretty good team and work well together. I know doodly about Access but have quite a lot of experience from past years of computer programming. The basics are the same. Logic is logic. So, when he gets really stuck he calls me in and we bash our way through the code. As all projects like this tend to go, we were a bit delayed in getting the thing delivered to the customer. Weird problems kept popping up. We finally did get it deployed a couple of days ago, and the client has since found a bug or two. So this weekend we are putting those fires out.

We've been so busy, in fact, that I received this parcel and didn't have time to open it for 2 days!It's a bunch of wool. I have some projects in mind for Christmas.I really MUST find time to do some things outside, though. Like get this wisteria planted. I received the live plants in the mail about a month ago, but as you can see they haven't even made it out of the box yet.


My Little Corner said...

Oh oh... yup, you'd better dig that wisteria in soon so it's little roots can get established before the long winter.

But I can't believe it took you two days before you opened a wool order! That's amazing. Either you have an iron will or you were really super douper busy! Yikes! You poor girl! I hope you're getting some time to enjoy things now.

Jo-Ann said...

I know!!! I was dying to look in the box, but was super dooper busy. Pretty sad, eh? Fingers crossed that the computer project is finished on Monday and we can take the rest of the summer off.