Sunday, July 15, 2007

our hacienda

Art and I went for a drive around our place the other day (it's kind of fun that we need a truck to explore our back yard). We drove as far up the hillside above the house as we could go and I took a video of the panorama. It's interesting that the property is so big you can't see all of it from any one location. In this clip, the barns and some buildings are out of sight and when I zoom in on the house it is partly obscured by a shed. Also, the blue thing in the foreground is the roof of "gramma's", our second house and you can see most of the pond....James Pond. Art is picking wild strawberries (if you're wondering what he mumbles right at the end there, he's commenting on Xena whipping past by calling her "Miss Rip-shitter"). Yup, that's her alright.

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