Sunday, July 22, 2007

surprise visit

So there we were yesterday....hunkered down for a weekend of computer programming....when the phone rang. It was Art's brother inviting us over for coffee because their sister had driven out from Vanderhoof for a visit. So we took a break and headed over. When we arrived some extra people were there.....Art's other sister (and husband) who live in Kamloops were also sitting and smiling at us. I was in disbelief for a second because although I knew who they were my brain was saying "does not compute...out of context..." Funny, eh? What a great surprise. They are 2 of our favourite people and it's always so much fun to be around them.

PS....happy birthday, yesterday, Echo!


My Little Corner said...

What fun! Family and friends are always great to visit with!

Grant from Kamloops said...

It's fun to surprise people too, as long as you dont get surprised yourself. I have driven long hours to surprise people unannounced before and found out that they had left for the weekend when I got there.

Fortunately this time the people we were surprising were home. You should have seen the look on Jo's face when she saw us.