Sunday, July 15, 2007

storm watching

That was a kicker of a storm! We could see it coming, so quickly got the chickens fed and eggs collected before the almost hurricane winds arrived. Big thick bolts of lightning were coming down on the hills across the valley and huge clouds of dust were kicking up from the tailings at the mine. Then the thunder. Booming and crashing and scaring the animals. It lasted quite a while and poured like a monsoon. The temperature dropped 20 degrees (Celsius) in a couple of hours. By bedtime things had calmed down, but I woke up yesterday morning to what I thought was smoke outside. Turned out to be fog (thank goodness).

Yesterday was another cooker at 36 degrees. Staying cool was a challenge and then last night, at around midnight, an even more violent storm than the day before. The lightning was so bright it was like someone was turning the bedroom light on and off. And the thunder....I could feel the concussion of it! And again, monsoon rains. My groggy brain said "go turn off the computers", but before I could get up to do it I was sleeping again.

Today is MUCH better and one way I can tell is, my potatoe feet feel normal again. They must be affected by air pressure or something. It's a mystery to me.

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