Friday, July 13, 2007

hot enough for ya?

My god, what is with this weather?! The last 3 days have been horrendous, with the hottest being a couple of hours 35.6 Celsius (that's 96.08 F) !!!!

I know it's hot all over and in some places even more scorching than here. I can only imagine what you guys at the coast are going through. Amazingly, it is fairly cool inside this log house. I have been afraid to go outside and just now am watching a storm roll in. The sky suddenly went black and there's lightning all around us. I went outside to have a look and was shocked to find that it's not too bad out there. Temperature-wise, I mean. Yes....this is Jo-Ann talking! I can't believe how much of a difference the lack of humidity makes. Mind you, tell my swollen up potatoe feet that. They don't do well in these temperatures.

I just hope the lightning doesn't start any forest fires. This whole part of the province is ravaged by the Mountain Pine Beetle and the trees are like millions of dry matches just waiting to be lit up.

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My Little Corner said...

Were there any problems with the storm? Hope your feet aren't swollen anymore - that's tough to deal with, isn't it?
Yes, the humidity makes a big difference in the heat that's for sure.
Hope you're doing well.