Sunday, December 28, 2008


Art is sitting right where the new chimney will go. Xena is helping. She will do almost anything for yummy cheezie snacks.Fast forward .... the new chimney is all in. The last piece joins the furnace to the chimney.This thing is so full of crud ...... AND HOLES! Look at that big one in the elbow! I couldn't believe it. No wonder the basement was full of smoke sometimes. And who knows what kind of noxious fumes were leaking out. Jay-sus! We're lucky we weren't asphyxiated.We're also lucky that we needed just one more item and had to go to Burns Lake to get it. The salesman there knew all about this type of furnace and told us that this elbow pipe thingie was not only unnecessary but dangerous. For heaven's sake. Why was the bloody thing there to begin with? Thank you God for taking care of us yet again.

So, once that last bit of pipe was in, we fired up the furnace. Ahhhh....nothing like wood warmth. Now the trick is keeping it from getting too hot!

Next step, get the fireplace out of the living room. First, Art put scissor jacks under it, front and back (note the shiny new furnace chimney, just installed, beside it).Then he whacked the supports out from under ...... and lowered the jacks until it's chimney separated.It looked to me like it would weigh a ton, but apparantly not.Onto the dolly and out the back door. Blackie and Chickie are very curious about what's going on.Ta-daaa! Now it's a yard ornament. Actually, I believe we're going to put it out by the garden and build a stone enclosure for it (or something like that).


Carol Browne said...

You guys don't get much rest out there, do you? It must be a relief to know you don't have to worry about that dangerous heating mechanism any more. Sheesh. Thank goodness for the help in town!

Stay warm.

Kevin said...

The Nacho Libre masks are GREAT! I may scare a few people when I answer the door with my mask on, but too bad for them!