Friday, December 05, 2008

construction zone

Amidst all the chaos of the chimney/fireplace rebuild, I am working to get my knitting and crochet projects completed. This is another knit intarsia (before all the ends are woven in)...... and yet more intarsia, but this one is crocheted.While knit looks better, crochet is much easier (and faster). That's my experience anyhow.

So, the middle of our house is "in transition" right now. Our wood burning furnace is in the basement and it's chimney runs up through the centre of the house.On the main floor, it shares an enclosure with the fireplace which acts as a divider between the living room and the kitchen. Unfortunately, the original installation was hoojie-balled so we are forced to "take it down". If you've been following Art's blog, you've seen pictures, but here are just a few more.He is having too much fun, I think.It's becoming a nice wide open space. I kinda like it.Can hardly wait for that horribly ugly fireplace to be gone. It will be replaced by this wood stove that we were given last summer.Of course, with all the noise, there's not a cat to be found. Xena doesn't like the racket either, so she's happy when it's time to lounge in front of the TV after a hard day's work.On another subject, we received some beef from our neighbour. They grazed their cattle on our land for part of the summer and gave us a bunch of meat as a "thank you". These are different cows from the Red Angus and Hereford that the other neighbour pastured here before. These are called Belgian Blues. They are kinda funny looking with big bulging muscles. One website I looked at called them Schwarzenegger cows, because they look like they've been pumping iron. You might think they've been genetically altered or are enhanced with hormones or steroids, but they're not. They are just weird..... naturally. Anyhow, I never paid much attention except to notice that the calves are really super cute coz they're so round and plump looking.

Turns out this beef is super lean and has nutritional qualities far and above regular beef. Even above chicken.We had a roast of it last night and O.M.G !!!! Purely divine! With not even a sliver of fat on or in it I expected it to be dry as toast, but it was the opposite. Moist, juicy and delish. Now, I love beef and I love the fat on beef, so I will need to do more sampling before I'm a total convert, but so far I'm impressed. This has got to be good news for health-minded individuals. Or is it unobtainable? Or maybe just undiscovered?

So...Kevin...this is waiting in our freezer for when you come to visit again. We asked the butcher to leave any fat on it that he could find.We were supposed to go to Prince George today to take our snow plow back (don't get Art started on that one ..... why can't people just do the jobs we pay them to? .... the first time?), but it snowed about a foot overnight and was still coming down all morning. Then it turned to freezing rain. A good day to stay off the roads and maybe just tear down some more of the kitchen wall.

On Wednesday we went to Burns Lake. This fellow looked so sad, I just had to stop and get a picture.Maybe it was the sudden cold, or maybe he is just depressed....kinda like the sad picture on Art's blog today.

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Kevin said...

I am surprised at the difference in the nutritional info for the beef...who knew?

Since we nearly have the brisket down to a science, I can't wait to cook that up!