Sunday, December 14, 2008

how cold is it?

I'll tell you how cold .... DAMN cold! Minus 27 C today, and not much better yesterday. The howling wind doesn't help, either. Normally, the cold is not an issue for me. I kinda like it, but yesterday I was shivering all day. I didn't know if the fireplace was safe, so cranked up the electric furnace. It just couldn't quite keep up. Art was away all day, so I bundled myself in warm clothes and blankies and hunkered down on the couch to do some crochet. Soon, I had 2 cats snuggling up and when I asked Xena to lay on my feet she did. Ahhhh, that was nice. I find that if my toes get cold (which takes a LOT) then I'm done for.

When Art came home around suppertime, he deemed the fireplace useable (if I'd only known) and stoked it up. How wonderful! Nothing like a cozy fire.

I understand it snowed in Vancouver and on the island. Brrrr - stay warm you guys. I guess the whole province is in a deep freeze.


Denise E said...

Yup, it's a cold one. We got a little bit of snow now the streets are like skating rinks. My deck thermometer says it is -5 degrees.
Stay warm up there.

My Little Corner said...

Wow, you got it bad that's for sure! I don't even think I 'd crochet, I'd want to keep my hands warm.
Today when I walked Jazz it was -5 but with the wind it was -16. As soon as the wind stopped -5 felt so warm! I'm glad to be inside.
Glad you're okay - so sorry to hear you had to make due until art got home.