Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ours was very quiet this year. Just the two of us. It was so low-key we didn't even put up a tree. The only decorations we had were a string of lights along the fence in front of the house and this.My Mom made this ceramic tree in 1977. That was the last Christmas before her accident. I know she really loved it and displayed it proudly. Back in June, when I went to Victoria for my sister's birthday, she and I went through my Mom's Christmas decorations. We chose what we wanted to keep and what to put into a garage sale. I chose this and a few other things and shipped them home to myself in the mail. That must have been when this happened.The base is broken. Mom would have cried to see this (I know I did). Art came to the rescue with his bottle of Crazy Glue and put it back together for me. Thank you, Art. I'm eternally grateful that the tree part is undamaged.It does light up, but I couldn't get a good picture of that. Here's one with some animals in the background.Speaking of animals, here are some shots of our beasties enjoying themselves. Ewie does like to stretch out. How does he do that???He also likes to tear up the joint. Somehow he got a ribbon wrapped all around his body and when I'd try to help get it off, he'd dart through that hole in the door, into the basement. I couldn't catch him. Eventually, he did manage to untangle himself.Blackie is getting ready for a nap....... but all Xena wants to do is play BLUE BALL !!!!!! Cold shmold. Just throw it would'ya.


michelle said...

i have a very similar tree that my mom made in the 70s ... i think lots of canadian households have them! i stole it from my parents' house a few years ago ... it is one of my favourite christmas decorations. it is carefully wrapped each january, but i always get scared that it will break ... glad to know that i could send it to art and his magic glue for fixing if need be!

happy new year! :)

Carol Browne said...

That tree is excellent. I'm so glad that Art was able to repair that, too. Art should have his own show - How To Repair ANYTHING.

Ewie's "tocks" (as they say on cuteoverload.com) are very cute. I love it when animals stretch all the way out like that! It's silly.

Happy New Year to you and Art and all the warm animals. I hope you stay up to 9:35! :-)

My Little Corner said...

Art did an amazing job gluing it back together (I know what that's like!)It looks great and it's wonderful you were able to rescue it.
Cute animal photos- I love how Ewie's all stretched out.

Please stay up until midnight... but if you don't thats okay too.

May you have a healthy and prosperous 2009.