Tuesday, December 16, 2008

still chilly

Check out that "min". Brrrrr. Yesterday, we took a drive to Prince George. The heater in our little truck was working overtime, but frost was still forming on the INSIDE of the windows. Those vehicles are not well insulated and it was just plain old cold under the seats and next to the doors. Check Art's blog for the story of how he solved the problem so we could have a comfy trip home (I've gotta take some pictures first, then I'll put a link here).

Our Christmas shopping is now complete, so I can get parcels made up and sent off. We were going to go to Vancouver for Christmas, but unforseen circumstances have forced us to change those plans. It'll be a very quiet one at home.

We did pick up a few of these while in town ....

We'll be posting them on the fences on either side of our property where the PNG pipeline goes through. For some reason the snowmobilers think it is public property. Well ... it's NOT. The pipeline crosses all kinds of land, some of which is PRIVATE. We do not appreciate the intruders.

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My Little Corner said...

Oh boy! That is super cold and the truck ride doesn't sound nice at all!
I hope the snowmobilers pay attention to your signs.