Sunday, November 12, 2006

My little chickadee

While I was sitting having a coffee this morning I heard a "whack" at the living room window. I didn't really pay much attention because birds fly into the glass every so often. Then I saw Xena out on the veranda looking over in that direction with curiousity. Whatever hit was still there. I knew I'd better check it out before Miss Puppy decided to play. Sure enough there was this little guy sitting on the deck looking pretty stunned.It's pretty cold out and by the time I tied the dog up and got my camera he had tucked his head under his wing and was shivering. Now, I don't have a problem with cats (or dogs) killing birds, but not when they are at a disadvantage. This little guy deserves a fighting chance. So, I scooped him up, brought him inside where it's warm and put him in a box in the bathroom. Once he's caught his breath and shaken the stars out of his head I'll put him back outside.

A few months ago Art was at his niece's house and her children were attempting to nurse a bird with an injured wing. Art convinced them to let him bring it out to the ranch so it could be free (really he was saving it from the torment of these children that were loving it to death). You know, that little birdie survived and is still hanging around in our back yard. He can fly a little bit but doesn't get much off the ground and doesn't seem to want to leave. I believe he is a Pine Siskin (I did not take this picture).

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carolb said...

Yay! You saved the little guy! My hero.