Monday, November 06, 2006

Snowfall Warning

We've been plowed out twice, stuck once, and last night it snowed a bunch more with some high winds which caused drifting and now we need to be plowed out again. And this warning says we're going to get more snow. Sheesh! It's only been 10 days and we've had more of a winter than we did all of last year. Pretty soon this snowpack on our roof (which you'll note is now covering the upstairs windows) will meet with the snow that is piling up on the ground.Art is working on getting the snowblower working and there's talk of his brother Tom putting one of his bobcats (machine, not animal) up here so we can plow paths to the sheds and around the yard. Stay tuned to Art's blog for details on that. For now, he's driving around with super mean chains on the truck.

I managed to dig out some old wool and a crochet hook I had packed away, found a pattern on the internet for socks and am trying my hand at making up a pair. I know that traditionally socks are knitted, but I can't find any of my needles. Besides, I prefer crochet. This is pretty snazzy wool, don't ya think? I wonder if Art will wear them once I'm done. I may have to mail order some supplies from Mary Maxim.

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carolb said...

Hooray fellow crocheter! Yay! It looks great by the way.