Monday, November 20, 2006

Now that's gotta hurt

It looks like that little birdy wasn't the only one to bash into one of our windows. This is in Art's study. Some tweety out there must really being seeing stars.This is out the other window in Art's study. Almost looks like bars.Art did get that snowblower working.Art and Xena having a "moment".This is a sunrise picture from one of the bedroom windows.Art picked up a painting contract for a house on Fraser Lake. It's a pretty big job, which I have been helping him on. Still a couple of days to go. This is the view from the back porch, overlooking the lake. Trumpeter Swans like to call this home and there is a flock of them feeding in the water near the frozen shore (too small to see in this photo, sorry).Yesterday was a very strange weather day. It suddenly warmed up to around +8C. The wind howled like I've never seen. I was sure the roof was going to blow off (some of the tin flashing did). That wind scares the crap out of me. I think I must have been traumatized as a young child when Typhoon Frieda hit Victoria and Vancouver in 1962, because when the wind blows I shake to my core. Anyways, back to yesterday. The snow was melting like mad. Suddenly, the wind reversed direction, it started to pour buckets, the temperature dropped 7 degrees in about 15 seconds, and I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Thank goodness it didn't last.

Art's brother, Tom, brought his little bobcat up and did some digging out of Art's workshop. Art spent the rest of the day using it to clear more of the yard. It looks like a fun little contraption to drive. I think he may use it to entice Kevin up here for Christmas (last year Kev had a hoot bashing and burning some old sheds we had with the bigger cat). Here you can see the dirt actually showing through on the driveway. Come on Mister Winter .... make up your mind!I'm happy to say that I have started my Christmas shopping. I know it's too early to talk about such things, but when you shop online you have to start early. I LOVE the internet for that. Going shopping is definitely not fun for me, and now of course, by living out in the boonies I have an even better excuse. It's kind of a pain for little things, though, I admit. For instance, I want to get a picture matted and framed before Friday, but there is nowhere in town to get that done. Not even sure about Vanderhoof or Burns Lake (each about 60 km away), making the next best place Prince George. That's a little inconvenient because PG is a 2 hour drive away. The thing I want to frame is this pen and ink drawing that Art made (not this crinkled one ... it's just a photo copy). I thought it might be nice to donate it to the big Loonie Auction this weekend.Art is a man of many talents. I'll bet you didn't know he was such an "art"iste.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's one of the houses near Vancouver City Hall, right.

Weather changes eh--here those sudden increases are precipitated by a Chinook wind and a Chinook arch in the sky. I don't know how to add a link to your comments, so go here:

carolb said...

Love the shots with the icicles. They are great. Also, Xena has grown to an amazing size! She's huge now. And, I had no idea that Art could draw so well. Mind you, he's a mean card maker, that's for sure.