Tuesday, November 28, 2006

you think your water's disgusting?

As Art mentioned on his blog, our water line froze 2 nights ago. Once again our camping equipment came to the rescue. We brought the porta-pottie in from the Boler, so we didn't have to worry about flushing toilets. Our water system is gravity fed and the weak link is where the pipes come up into the house called "gramma's" which is between the well at the top of the hill and our house at the bottom of the hill. Art found the frozen section and thawed it out pretty quickly yesterday, which I am very thankful for. For the first 20 minutes or so, as we let the water flush the lines, this is what was coming out of our kitchen tap. A lovely orange, isn't it?Now I don't want to make my blog all about the weather, but I just had to show you today's thermometer reading. The coldest yet .... minus 29.I have been spending the last day or so counting and rolling coins, most of it loonies (23 lbs of loonies, to be precise....I weighed them, just for fun). Our local community hall had it's annual dinner and loonie auction on Saturday night and because I am their treasurer I get the fun job of counting all the money. I'm not being sarcastic there ..... I LOVE counting money! Especially the coins. The counting, the stacking, the rolling. It's all just wonderful fun for me. I find it a soothing pastime.

Anyhoo....the auction was a success. We all had lots of fun and Art and I even came home with some nice prizes.


Anonymous said...

Hi There is More snow on the way, Here in Fraser Lake. I got a SnowFall Warning. Damn i hope the power will not go out again for 2 days. well Chat later?

carolb said...

Why is the water orange? Is there copper in the water? Uh, I think you might want to boil that water before you drink it. Maybe longer than a minute, you think?