Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Oh, my aching back. I seem to have wrenched something and boy does that hurt! I'm not exactly sure what did it. I have been carrying boxes from the basement to my study, up 2 flights of stairs, but I've been very careful. But then I was washing my hair at the kitchen sink yesterday and that stooped over position is not very comfortable. Anyways, I am currently doped up on Robax Platinum and may just sit around and crochet all day.

While I'm on the topic of hair, I want to thank all of you for the supportive comments about my great hair tragedy. A tragedy it surely was. For my entire life I have always had long hair. I love long hair. I love the look of it. That long, flowing, shaggy look. These are things I love the look of ....

.... I miss my locks. I want them back.

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Anonymous said...

Now, don't dwell on the past Jo.
Good sense of humor though, I howled when I saw " It".
Love ya Sis