Monday, November 06, 2006

Wildlife in this weather

The local Super-Valu had a package in the meat section marked "free - bird fat", so we brought it home and put it in this suet feeder. Haven't seen any birds coming to it yet. Before the snow there were some Stellar Jays which ravenously gobbled down unshelled sunflower seeds I had out there .... in between rounds of taunting the dog. A couple of times we've seen a humungous owl fly across the yard. It was either a Great Gray or a Snowy. I hope he comes around again so I can get a better look. At the bottom of Savory Road, where it meets with Highway 16, is a gravel pit where road killed animals are put. Perched in the trees all around are eagles and ravens. When we drove by yesterday I couldn't count how many there were ..... must have been 20! It was amazing.Inside the house are predators of a different kind. Actually, Blackie is taking a break from scouting the basement for any little mousie-like critters that sometimes try to sneak in. He's helping me work on my blog (I know cat's aren't allowed on the kitchen table .... don't tell Art, 'kay?). I don't know where Chickie is ..... napping somewhere I'm sure.The kitz aren't the only ones who like to mousehunt, we've found. Xena finds it sporting good fun, also. I saw her tossing something around outside the other day and when I took a closer look could see that it was a mouse-popsicle. She doesn't eat them, just flings them around. When she's done, Art throws them onto the shed roof and the birds take them. In this video, she is burrowing in the snow and I'm pretty sure that's what she's after. Either that or she's just plain nutty, which is distinctly possible.

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Viki said...

My cousin moved up to Chetwynd from Fernie this summer, and are experiencing the same weather pattern you have. We had torrential rain last night, but they're calling for cold to come tonight. Ice roads--very scarey driving!