Friday, December 01, 2006

ok...NOW you can play Christmas music

I believe Art will be putting up the outside Christmas lights any day now. That's OK, though, because it is now December. It's just one of those rules.

Today we took a day trip to Vanderhoof. Art needed some electrical supplies, so I went along to get some other items that they don't have in the grocery store at Fraser Lake. For instance, this .....This is my favourite tea. Nice and strong, with a little Splenda, a little heavy cream. Oh My God! Pure heaven!

We stopped to visit Art's sister, Cheryl, before heading back home. We've missed her lately. Even though we only live a half hour's drive from each other, it's been months since we saw her last. It was great to visit and do a little catching up. We wanted to get home before dark because the roads are a little slippery. As we drove along, Xena would hang her head over Art's shoulder and fall asleep. I took these pictures even though I couldn't see through the view-finder of the camera because it was too dark. I just aimed blindly and snapped away. Finally, she looked up at me with a kind of "what the...?" look on her face.Oh ya, our water is OK now. That orange colour is the iron sediment that was flushing out of the pipes. It all cleared up after about 20 minutes of leaving the tap running. The water here is very hard (lots of minerals, especially iron), so I put the stuff we drink through Brita filters. We go through a lot of those. One day, when we get rich and famous, we'll put a filtration system in.


carolb said...

hahaa! I love that picture of her. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo...tis Diane from way back in the days of Liz Fisher and Belmont High. Yikes, those were scary days! Anyway, Gayle mentioned your site so I checked you out. Wow, you live really far away...and I admire that. I could not and would not (survive) in your neck of the woods. Power to you and your little family for doing it. By the way, the picture of your puppy all sleepy faced is way too cute!! Take it easy and thanks for the entertaining stuff you're sharing with us city folks. Stay warm...